Mindseed Alt-rockers stoked to showcase fresh renos

Friday 15th, February 2019 / 10:11
By Patrick Saulnier 


Mindseed fuse pop-punk blues and hip-hop on their new invasion-of-the-genre-snatchers release, Renovations. 
Photo by Alex Labbé

CALGARY – Mindseed’s tough, pop-punk vibe earned them YYC Music Award nominations in the last two years, a streak they’d like to build on going into 2019. Following the trio’s debut LP, Households (2016), which explored personal struggles, their new EP, Renovations, sees the band rip off the old wall paper, throw out the dated design and bring in different mindset that deals in world issues and political themes.   

Along with switching up the subject matter, they also wanted a more diverse array of sonic textures on the new release. Guitarist/vocalist Alex Labbe explains they aimed to, “expand the sound to something beyond just a three-piece.” That led to introducing bass synths into the band’s flow of consciousness, producing a sound that reflects a more noticeable hip-hop influence.  

Labbe says, “When I want complex lyrics, I go to hip-hop. Sure, rock and hip-hop have been done together by bands like Limp Bizkit and Run-DMC, but to take that and put it in more of a progressive musical context. I felt that would be interesting to explore.” 

While many bands have succeeded in combining these two mammoth musical forces, there’s also been a crazy percentage of those who miserably fail leaving a “Just don’t go there!” attitude that lingers in any conversation related to the topic. So, is it worth the gamble?  

“Fuck yeah! Bring on the challenge!’, says Labbe talking a solid stand. “That taboo probably helped to inspire us to attempt it more. Without going cheesy though. We just want people to get amped and pumped up! Push through that obstacle in your way!” 

You can explore Mindseed’s new album Renovations in its entirety Feb. 22 



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