Nicole Byer, Comedic Queen of Cakes, Charms Crowds

Saturday 16th, February 2019 / 07:00
by Randee Neumeyer

Nicole Byer is a busy person. Her Netflix special was released last month as part of the series Comedians of the World, she hosts the hit amateur baking show Nailed It! (also on Netflix), and she stars in a hilarious podcast asking the eternal question: Why Won’t You Date Me?

Byer became a household name when she became the host of Nailed It!, a show in which contestants unsuccessfully try to recreate cakes from Pinterest.

“They just presented me with essentially a one-page sheet on what they were trying to go for,” says Byer. “‘We need you to teeter the line between calling out what you see and not being too harsh.’ That seemed like a fun challenge, and it just all fell together in a really great way.”

Now she tours all over the United States performing for a variety of different audiences.

“The best thing about touring is you learn how to tell a divisive joke without being super divisive. I learned how to tell Trump jokes on the road. I learned that you can’t just be like, “He’s bad.’ Statistically, someone in the audience voted for him, and he’s not my cup of tea but also I’m not everyone’s cup of tea. Learning how to tell jokes in a way that everyone can laugh at is very useful.”

Byer’s stand up material is very honest, sharing personal details about her life on a range of topics from finding poop in an airline blanket to her dating life.

“Sometimes things happen where I’m like, ‘This is too bonkers not to share with people.’ The way people talk on dating apps is insane, so when I talk about that I feel like it’s pretty much universal that everyone’s like, people are wild in these streets out here,” says Byer.

Along with performing stand up at the festival, she’ll be doing a live taping of her podcast Why Won’t You Date Me?, which started when she wanted to ask past dates why they didn’t want a relationship with her. Now she invites hilarious guests and they dive into the world of dating and sex. Byer often has the guest critique her Tinder profile, and reads comments sent to her from questionable men.

“Audiences now know what kind of performer I am before they get there, as opposed to ‘Oh, I’ll just see a comedian. Who’s up this weekend?’ I have people coming to see me, which is really awesome.”

Nicole Byer’s stand up set at The Rio is on February 23 at 7 p.m., followed by a live podcast taping at 9:30.

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