Septembryo not all nightmares are bad 

Saturday 23rd, February 2019 / 09:16
By Trevor Morelli 

Tribulations lead to good vibrations 
Photo by Lisette Ferreira

CALGARY – It’s been a long time coming, but Septembryo is finally ready to unleash Nightmares, the electro-rock sophomore release from local musician Michael 8. Recorded at Audiohouse Recording Studio in Calgary with producer Grant Howarth, Michael 8 has been working on and off the alluring Nightmares for nearly three years and believes the trials and tribulations of the journey made the record that much better.  

“There’s been a lot of delays but there’s also been a lot of really interesting, cool things that happened that I think wouldn’t have happened, things you can’t plan for that have been beneficial to it.” 

As the title suggests, Micahel 8 explains Nightmares is a concept album “about the dark side of the law of attraction,” adding that the process was one of the “biggest epiphanies” of his life. “It was written during one of my lowest points, at a time when I started looking at everything going wrong and realizing it was my own creation. When people think of the law of attraction they’re usually thinking about manifesting a new car, or lover or anything else they want. It never occurs to them they could be attracting all the stuff they don’t want.” 

Of the new tracks, Michael 8 feels the first single, “Professor Pain,” is his strongest work yet with the song building up atmospheric soundscapes before breaking into a big, harmonic chorus. He adds, a video will soon follow.  

“’Professor Pain’ is definitely one of my favorites. It’s the song that made it clear that this was going to be an album. It’s kind of about having bad experiences but recognizing the gift that those painful experiences have in that they change you and they teach you something.” 

While the songs featured on Nightmares challenge the purely, positive narrative surrounding the law of attraction, Michael 8 emphasizes it’s not all doom and gloom either. He’s already working on a second part, Daydreams, which finds light at the end of the tunnel.  

“Just having the realization that I had created my own lowest point gave me the power and focus that had directly lead to my highest point shortly after. Which is why there are two parts to this story — nightmares and daydreams.” 

Septembryo drops Nightmares March 2 and the release party with Lisette Xavier March 2 at The Rec Room (Calgary). 

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