Clutch: From Beale Street to oblivion  

Sunday 24th, February 2019 / 08:54
By Christine Leonard  

Strange cousins from the south   
Photo by Dan Winters

Putting their own stamp on America’s rock-metal soundscape since 1991, Clutch is a four-man wrecking crew with a cultish international fanbase and a reputation for waging psychic warfare on their foes. Armed with their blistering new album Book of Bad Decisions as a roadmap, vocalist/guitarist Neil Fallon, bassist Dan Maines, guitarist Tim Sult and drummer Jean-Paul Gaster are emerging from the humid subtropics of the state of Maryland for a mid-winter tour that threatens to break the ice and melt the poles. Blast tyrants who rock the Earth with a barrage of whiskey-fueled anthems, their nefarious live shows recall the golden age of gate-breaking icons like Thin Lizzy and Motörhead. Combining classic trappings of hard rock, blues-rock and heavy metal with their own modern worldview, the quartet projects a bravado that is entirely genuine and utterly well earned. Megastars of the fuzz rock universe, Clutch makes no apologies for their sinful southern style. Better to give offense than sit on the fence!  

Catch the power and spunk of Clutch’s ‘Book of Bad Decisions Tour’ March 3 at MacEwan Hall (Calgary), March 4 at The Ranch Roadhouse (Edmonton) and March 6 at Burton Cummings Theatre (Winnipeg)   

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