ALBUM PREMIERE: Red Cain – Kindred: Act I

Thursday 28th, February 2019 / 17:38
by Christine Leonard

Guaranteeing that March will roar like a lion, melodic metal artists Red Cain are ready to unveil their much-anticipated debut LP album, Kindred: Act I. While this may be the band’s first full-length release, the progressive quartet has already made a name for themselves by putting out a litany of dark and dangerous EPs.

The winners of the 2017 YYC Award for Metal Recording of the Year, Red Cain is praised for not only for being technically adept but also for tapping into a rich tradition of lyrical storytelling.

“We dive into a conceptual journey through the primordial depth of the human psyche, surfacing to tell mythological tales of war, love, and transformation. Slavic, Celtic, and Egyptian myths all find a place within the tracks, in a venomous new form – battle hymns, sorrow-songs and eldritch chants.”

Visceral, yet groovy they showcase the intricacy of duelling guitars combined with the clear and compelling vocals of singer Evgeniy Zayarny. Adorned with neo-tribalistic artwork by Timur Khabirov, Kindred: Act I is a potent and important introduction to Red Cain’s mysterious and mystical repertoire.

Kindred: Act I is available everywhere March1 through Bandcamp