Vancouver International Dance Festival – 5 Performances Not To Miss

Wednesday 06th, March 2019 / 14:52

By Nik Honcharuk

photo by Hiroyuki Kawashima

WHAT: Dairakudakan, “Pseudo human/Super human”
WHEN: March 8-9
WHERE: Vancouver Playhouse

Akaji Maro, founder of Japanese butoh dance company Dairakudakan, both stars in and directs this show that explores man’s rebirth or ruin as a result of ever-developing technology.

photo courtesy of Raven Spirit Dance

WHAT: Raven Spirit Dance, “Gathering Light”
WHEN: March 13-16
WHERE: KW Production Studio

This thought-provoking performance observes the journey and ritual a seed undergoes to become a flower. Performed in the round, the audience can’t help but be involved in a show that is a metaphor for much more.

WHAT: Kelly McInnes, “Shiny”
WHEN: March 20-23
WHERE: KW Production Studio

This visionary piece explores mass media’s beauty standards for women in our modern society and the struggles it places on women in a quest for perfection.

photo by Rod MacIvor

WHAT: 10 Gates Dancing, “Trust”
WHEN: March 27-30
WHERE: Roundhouse Performance Centre

The diverse artistic styles of the many artists featured in this collaborative show give it a unique vision, which aims to create a deliberate closeness between the audience and the performers.

photo by Areli Moran

WHAT: Daina Ashbee, “Serpentine”
WHEN: March 27-30
WHERE: KW Production Studi

“Serpentine” is an intense summary of Ashbee’s previous three works. Her visual art combined with the resonating sound of the organ composition by Jean-François Blouin makes for a beautiful yet chilling display.

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