Top 5 Women in Cannabis

Thursday 07th, March 2019 / 13:20
By Jamila Pomeroy


In celebration of International Women’s Day we shine a light on the Top 5 leading ladies in the cannabis industry

Jodie Emery, Cannabis Activist and Entrepreneur
The Princess of Pot, Jodie Emery, has seen it all in her 14 years of cannabis activism in Vancouver. While a greener hue may be on the horizon with legalization, Emery cautions we have so much work to do, especially for members of the industry who have remained on the forefront during prohibition. Emery continues to be one of the most prominent women in the Canadian cannabis industry, unapologetically. She has most-recently extended her love for hempt with Jodie’s Joint, a hemp cafe in Toronto’s Kensington Market.

Tracy MacRae, Vice President; Marketing at Kiaro
MacRae, leads marketing at Kiaro. Kiaro means light; because cannabis can be, well, illuminating. The cannabis retailer aims to destigmatize cannabis use by creating inviting retail spaces, providing the tools, information and resources for customers to not only make their own informed decisions, but become empowered through provided resources. MacRae has over 20 years experience in marketing and is passionate about socially responsible cannabis retail.

Salimeh Tabrizi, Founder of Cannabis Hemp Conference and Expo (CHCE)
Tabrizi is the Founder of CHCE, the largest and most comprehensive cannabis conference in Canada. Through CHCE Tabrizi hopes to legitimize cannabis with science. Gathering prominent leaders, researchers, patients and government officials to explore the endless benefits of the industry.

Bethany Rae, Founder of Flower & Freedom
As a fitness enthusiast, Rae experienced judgement and negative stereotypes while exploring cannabis for her own health and wellness. This inspired her to create Flower & Freedom; a female-focused lifestyle community dedicated to reducing the stigma that surrounds cannabis use. The creative fashion designer and fitness enthusiast, has incorporated her professions with her passion for cannabis, launching her own cannabis-themed clothing line.

Andrea Dobbs, Co-owner of Village bloomery
Working in management at Womyns’Ware Inc for over ten-years, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Dobbs has been prominent in women-centred issues and education. When she began to experience Peri-Menopausal symptoms, she turned to cannabis to help relieve her ailments. She is now the Co-Owner of Village Bloomery, where she extends her love for education and alternative medicine; providing women-centred resources and products.