Album Review: Bob Mould – Sunshine Rock

Friday 08th, March 2019 / 15:19
by Mike Dunn


Bob MouldSunshine Rock
Merge Records

If a wave of nostalgia for the emo/screamo/post-hardcore movement is inevitable, as nostalgia for styles tends to be, it’s probably time to listen to Bob Mould’s records a lot more.

His latest, Sunshine Rock, sees Mould pushing the beat as he always has, like a longboard on fire. Sunshine Rock is relentless from the downbeat of the opening title track with its pogoing punk rock hooks. Mould is writing from a place of sincerity and, as the record blazes through its 39 minutes, you sense he knows time is catching up.
“The Final Years” has a great synth hook and you can sense Mould is pensive about the time he’s got left when he sings, “Foot caressing pavement with caution, not like before when we ran with abandon across the rocks and cracks of fissured earth and shattered sky.”

Sunshine Rock sees Mould’s past clearly, and it’s hard to overstate his presence in the rock n’ roll that his generation grew up with. There comes a point for a songwriter to look back and notice that 1989 was thirty years ago and give some thought to their lifetime, whether they were the ones making the music that defined an era, or were just kids discovering it.


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