Album Review: N0V3L – Novel

Friday 08th, March 2019 / 15:14
by Josh Sheppard

Flemish Eye

N0V3L represent a distinct ideal of Vancouver’s many housing artist collectives. As the housing and rent crisis forces artists to either leave in droves to more livable situations or to unite and collaborate, this forceful push for survival has its own unique set of opportunities. These creative eco systems can help bridge the trauma of isolation, encouraging more focus on creative pursuits and eventually great creative works.

The angular riffage and existential socioeconomic mires of the self-titled debut EP is post-punk updated for a modern audience. Harkening back to the likes of Gang of Four and new wave aesthetics of Devo with a touch of Clockwork Orange. The urgency and compact structure of the songs lend to a youthful exuberance where one can only hope to spasm to the syncopations at play.

However, don’t let the infectious grooves on display fool you, they are formidable, tightly knit into a package ready to force a factory line walkout. From the corporate frustrations of ‘’To Whom This May Concern’’ to the jangle pop sensations of ‘’Take You For’’ N0V3L deliver a consistency that lands them in the pantheon of their many post-punk forbearers. One could almost imagine Kafka being sent into a spiral of paranoia after listening to this.

N0V3L perform Thursday, March 21 at the Fox Cabaret. RSVP 


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