Album Review: White Denim
 – Side Effects

Friday 08th, March 2019 / 14:49
By Christine Leonard

White Denim
Side Effects

City Slang

It’s only been a hot minute since Austin’s White Denim released their album Performance, but the prolific rockers have plenty of outfits in their wardrobe that are just dying to be trotted out. Enter Side Effects the band’s latest effort for the Berlin-based City Slang label and their eighth record to date. An attempt to bottle the magic elixir of White Denim and their mood-altering live concerts, Side Effects drips with the very juices of life.
The ebullient opener “Small Talk (Feeling Control)” bursts with a colourful joie de vivre that pulls the rest of the album along in its wake. Bringing the weird, “Hallelujah Strike Gold” runs headlong into the radiant waves of “Shanalala” before surrendering to the crosstown traffic of the seven-minute commuter “NY Money.” Smooth transitions to the rolling hills of “Reversed Mirror” and wiggly roads of “So Emotional” come easily to the breezy psych-blues troupe as they set “Heads Spinning” with riffs that tickle the senses. Dissolver “Introduce Me” finishes the deed with a smeared tempo that magnifies the imperfect and forgets your name the instant you pronounce it; most likely a side effect of too much sunshine and Bonnaroo-brand champagne.


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