Let’s Get Jucy: March 2019

Friday 08th, March 2019 / 23:07
By Paul Rodgers 

The Librarian
Photo by Michael Benz


CALGARY – It appears that March madness is very real for 2019 — there is an absolutely staggering assortment of shows happening this month so lets get right into it.   

Though our publication doesnt usually get to the streets early enough to really mention shows that happen in the first few days of the month, this one warrants being put to print regardless. IT has some to pass that the cash me outside” girl of Dr. Phil fame, known now as Bhad Bhabie, is touring and will be at MacEwan Hall on March 1. You can even get a VIP pass for $100 where you will get the once in a lifetime chance to get a selfie with her. Make of that what you will. NEXT.  

On March 9 as part of Habitats 10 year celebrations, the creator of the mushroom jazz” sound himself Mark Farina will be performing. Always a treat to see this long-time tastemaker do his thing, he never disappoints.  

The last time this London-based DJ was in town was not that long ago and it must have been something really special because The HiFi is already bringing her back. Catch rapidly-rising UKG and baseline house master Flava D on March 9 with support from locals Burchill and BB Mars.  

Dickens Pub is set to get torn apart on March 14 as one of the most creative, talented and influential turntablists of all time graces the stage. Do not miss DJ QBert and The Fresh Crew. Just dont do it.  

March 15 sees the return of the exceptionally talented and entertaining Kytami to Calgary. Head over to the Junction to catch her shred the fiddle alongside insane drum and bass and dubstep, creating a truly hype synthesis of electronic and classical music. 

Also on the 15, if straight-ahead dubstep is more your speed, head down to Dickens to catch  Truth, one of New Zealands greatest musical exports.

Then on the 16, HiFi is hosting two really forward-facing artists, Thelem and Psymbionic. Will be a great night for the deep heads.  

AmsterdamFerreck Dawn has been doing great things in the house world for over 15 years now, with releases on labels such as Toolroom, Relief and Defected. His track In Arms, released on Defected, was one of my favourites of last year and his mixes are on regular rotation. Catch him at the Habitat on March 23.  

The Librarian and Mat the Alien have a long history of performing live together, stretching way back to their residency in Whistler at Maxx Fishs Really Good Tuesdays. Individually they are also two of the most accomplished and most salient DJs in the west coast scene with the Librarian co-founding Bass Coast, Mat starting Really Good Recordings and both of them being permanent fixtures on pretty much every festival across the country. See them both at the HiFi on March 23.  

GET IN THE GODDAMN POOL — the Loop Daddy himself, Marc Rebillet will be at the HiFi Club on March 30. He has become an overnight viral sensation for his live loop performances that are equal parts deftly skilled and extremely hilarious. See this madman for yourself if you know whats good for ya.  

Thats just a smidgen of whats in store for this month, so hats off to all the Calgary-based promoters making such awesome things happen. Until next month, I bid you adieu.  

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