Homesick gives his sights and sounds a club vibe 

Thursday 21st, March 2019 / 09:46
By Paul Rodgers 

CALGARY – This is not the first time local artist HomeSick has graced the pages of this publication, nor shall it likely be the last  based upon his continuing drive to push his limits and reach new accomplishments. In the past weve written about his time at the Redbull Music Academy in Paris, and about his performance at Barcelona-based festival Sonar. The latter of these two major events for Shaun Lodestar (real name) has consequently led to another achievement, a vinyl release on Defrostatica, a record label out of Leipzig, Germany. 

That relationship came about after Defrostatica hosted a German date on Homesicks 2016 European tour, soon after they wanted to put out his music. The six-track album, entitled Burnout 2099, features sounds indicative of what HomeSick has become known for  far-out, high BPM club beats that incorporate stylistic input from numerous genres but adhere to no single one.  

There are plenty of tracks on this album that are definitely inspired by more of the West-Coast festival sounds, but I still think its a good mix of the fast paced, footwork-inspired club music people have come to expect from me.  

The artist himself expresses that hes always had a tough time putting his tunes or the tunes he collects into one specific labeled box. The first few months of 2019 leading up to the release of the record marked a transition for HomeSick, moving from a period of intense creative output and self-published releases in the final months of 2018 into one in which he put the bulk of his efforts into promoting Burnout 2099. 

The end of 2018 I really put a focus on just creating a platform for myself to push music out, which is new to me, but I wish I had done it sooner because its really gratifying and a new way to be able to oversee every step of the process.  

Anyone familiar with his work knows that Lodestar truly is behind every aspect of his artwork, from making the artwork himself, promoting the music and shopping it out, to scheduling tour dates and running his own night Percolate, which made its grand return in 2018 after a hiatus. 

Beyond some piano and guitar lessons in his early years, Lodestar is completely self-taught, which applies to his music production but also to his artistic work. He was inspired by 3D animation and started doing it in combination with graphic art.  

It kind of morphed into my music productions and I think it was probably just recently, in 2018, when I had the confidence to be able to make something that I really believed was special.  

His animations and artwork, which have been used for his own album art, promotional purposes and for the Footwork Jungle Mix series that he oversees, play tricks on the human brain.   

I love in 3D rendering when you hit the uncanny valley point where something looks real but it could be portraying some impossible image like, shiny metallic textures behaving as a cloth or flag material would. It has the visual satisfaction of a photorealistic texture but is behaving in this knowingly impossible way.  

Similarly, in his musical output, the sounds of HomeSick often illicit a double-take  and on his latest release he further demonstrates his ability to merge and bend seemingly disparate sonic vibrations into one cohesive, club-friendly sound.  


Homesicks new album Burnout 2099 is available for purchase on vinyl and digital formats and is accompanied by a world tour with Calgary dates TBA.  


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