Calgary Punks Madcowboys Raise One Last Ruckus 

Saturday 23rd, March 2019 / 12:41
By Trevor Hatter 

Nearin’ in the end. What do you want on your Tombstone? 
Photo by Trevor Hatter

CALGARY – Dearly beloved, join us March 30 to celebrate the life and legacy of Calgary’s prodigal sons, the Madcowboys, with a ceremony of excess at Broken City. 

In a coma for the last five years, these infamous bovine rustlers have grown weary of sneaking out of the hospital to play shows without practicing only to sneak back in to get free sponge baths. Emerging as folk-rockers in 2003, once exposed to the dangerous levels of heavy riffage the foursome repped Calgary coast to coast sharing the stage with punk legends Propagandhi, Youth Brigade, D.O.A. and Face to Face. 

The madness will be missed, but relived through cowpunk tales of van disasters, run-ins with the law and raising a regular ruckus across the country. Their last words still hanging on the wind, “Thanks for everything, sorry about the rest.”



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