Concert Review: Pink Live at Rogers Arena

Sunday 07th, April 2019 / 17:03
By Lukas Holt

Photo: Kira Clavell

Friday, April 5
Rogers Arena

A large pink theatre curtain was sprawled across the stage of Rogers Arena, ready to unveil the wonderful world of Pink. A household name in pop music, the demographic of attendees ranged from kids in early teens to middle aged couples, all anxiously waiting for the glamorous American pop singer to rock their world.  As the lights went out ‘Here I Go Again’ by Whitesnake started playing through the PA system, which had everyone singing along before the curtain dropped.

Pink kicked off the show, naturally, with “Get The Party Started” and it certainly did. She started off way up high, dangling from a huge chandelier in a black one-piece suit with diamonds and swung furiously from it. Her acrobatic athleticism was incredible, maintaining her powerful vocals at the same time.

Alongside the giant LED screen and heart shaped stage were several props, such as spinning street lamps, sofas and a magic carpet/treadmill that slid her through the middle of the crowd towards the front of the stage. A particular highlight of prop usage was a 50-foot tall inflatable Eminem puppet that came from the back of the stage as his rap verse came up in “Revenge.” Pink was then sling-shot on wires up to the face of the inflatable as she karate kicked it at the end of the song.

In between songs, Pink took the time to acknowledge her fans, complimenting several of them on how beautiful they were, signing jackets, body parts and was gifted roses. Her positive vibes were heart-warming. Despite the spotlight being on her, she also made it known that her performance would be nothing without the band of musicians on stage along with the dancers.

During the song “Funhouse,” Pink gave a shout out to fellow female popstar Gwen Stefani and mashed up the song with No Doubt’s “Just A Girl.” This led to the backing band going more rock and jamming a cover of “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana. Her punky roots were showing and the crowd threw their hands up.

Photo: Kira Clavell

Pink has always made it clear she is a strong feminist with independent values and as another stage setup was being made, a highlight reel of her early career was shown right through to today, where she maintains fighting for equal rights, kindness and integrity.

Just when you thought the show was dying down, the acrobatics were pumped up to an extreme level as Pink flew across the entire arena whilst shouting out her lyrics for ‘So What’. She swung from one side of the venue, waving to all her fans only a few feet away and doing several backflips before gracefully touching down at the front of the stage.

There is a lot to be said about her performance; everything from her pitch perfect vocals, her interpretive street style dancing, fabulous outfits, insane acrobatics and strong personality. With over 20 years under her belt of touring, it is clear that she will not be going anywhere soon and is feisty as ever.