Edmonton Songwriter Maddie Storvold Stays Grounded Post-Launch

Wednesday 10th, April 2019 / 17:37
By Joe Hartfeil

Photo: Sheena Zilinski

One could reasonably be forgiven for referring to Edmonton singer-songwriter Maddie Storvold as an example of that elusive phenomenon “the overnight sensation.” Indeed, her introduction into countless Canadian households came through a storybook successful appearance on CTV’s The Launch in February, culminating in the release of her single “Don’t Say You Love Me,” written and produced by the show’s guest mentor Bryan Adams; Adams was so taken by Storvold’s voice that he requested a duet before she’d even completed her audition.

Of course, it takes years of hard work to achieve so-called overnight success, and making commercial strides calls for a new level of urgency to continue growing as a musician. “Right now what I’m doing is just writing a lot every single day,” muses Storvold. “And I want to be able to advance artistically as much as this opportunity has allowed me to advance professionally.”

As Storvold grapples with the challenge of integrating a storybook-style big break into a textured and intelligent catalogue consisting of her previous releases Freedom, Books, Flowers & the Moon and The Old Brag of My Heart, soon to be joined by the fruits of her hours spent with the guitar she keeps next to her bed and the notebook she carries everywhere, the comforts of home allow her to stay grounded. The lure of Edmonton’s green onion cakes, “really great films and really bad TV” and, most importantly, the supportive environment that helps foster the city’s “wealth of talent” allow for “a certain courage.”

This courage, as well as changes in her personal life, have led to Storvold advancing her craft by branching into new subject matters. “I think I’m in a new phase of realization in learning who it is that I want to be in the world as an individual,” she remarks. “Writing things that are not love songs . . . songs to my friends and songs to myself and songs about art and other things that move me and make me ache.”

Maddie Storvold opens for Whitney Rose at Polar Park Brewing Co. (10416 80 Ave, Edmonton) on Friday, April 12 at 8:00 PM