Concert Review: Michael Bublé Live at Rogers Arena

Saturday 13th, April 2019 / 10:00
By Lukas Holt

Photo: Lukas Holt

Friday, April 12, 2019
Rogers Arena

It’s been a few years since Canadian crooner Michael Bublé toured live, which made his hometown appearance at Rogers Arena extra special.

The lights went down and a red silhouette glowed at the centre of the stage while the smooth vocals of Mr. Bublé came through the PA singing ‘Feeling Good’. He was then lit up and strolled down the stairs in his navy blue tailored suit to greet the eager crowd while swinging his hips and snapping his fingers. A giant blood moon appeared on the LED screen behind him as the song continued and the orchestra grew louder. As he sang, “It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life, for me,” the lyrics seemed particularly poignant considering the recent dramatic events with his son’s recovery from cancer.

In between songs he made it clear that his outlook on life has changed, becoming more focused on pushing kindness and empathy towards others. He then gave fans several high-fives and came down off the stage to greet a 12-year old fan. The kid reminded him a lot of himself and brought back memories of being sat on the bus in Burnaby, day dreaming about his fantasies of singing at the Pacific Coliseum and Madison Square Gardens.

Photo: Lukas Holt

Towards the middle of the set, he continued to engage with the crowd and chose a lucky fan to sing their favourite shower song and went to the front of the stage to pick Diego, who was celebrating his 40th birthday and sung “It Had to Be You” by Frank Sinatra. Diego nailed it and had Bublé hugging his shoulder singing along while the orchestra gently accompanied.

After all the funny jokes and impressions of his Latino wife, the mood changed. His latest album ‘Love’ features themes of romance and a particular melancholy song ‘Forever Now’ which he performed sat down on the stairs of the stage and told the audience it was his most meaningful song to date and hoped never to write one as dangerously close to his heart as this one. The orchestra was narrowed down to the piano and string section making the arena feel like an after-hours bar with him pouring his soulful heart out.

It was a truly special occasion seeing Michael Bublé performing to friends and family and seeing how passionate he is about the place he calls home. 

Photo: Lukas Holt

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