4/20 Gift Guide: 5 New Cannabis Products (That Don’t Get You High)

Sunday 14th, April 2019 / 10:35

#1: FeelCBD

As an elevated vape pen experience, FeelCBD combines non-psychoactive full-spectrum CBD with organic essential oils. The companies “Calm” pen, features the relaxing and delicious essence of vanilla, lavender and mint. The pens sleek design, which is no bigger than the width of an iPhone, fits conveniently in your pocket making transport for public use hassle-free. While CBD on its own is known for its calming, anti-anxiety properties, the addition of carefully curated essential oils sets a new precedent for holistic health these calming oils, known to carry similar properties to CBD, add depth to the experience, eliminating the often talked about, “metallic,” aftertaste CBD can carry, while expanding further into the realm of holistic health.


#2: Fluers

Photo by Olivia Van Dyke

“I used the ‘WOKE’ blend throughout college to help with studying. I lose focus really easily and it completely helped me with retention and focus,” says Tee Krispil about her company Fluers. Integrating herbs and tea into the cannabis experience, Fluers, the CBD tea company, delivers a high-end product with real results. The “Woke” tea features spearmint, lemongrass, ginkgo biloba, horsetail, and CBD (among many other beneficial herbs;) leaving tea drinkers refreshed, focused and sharp, while providing a boost without a burn-out, like coffee. Fluers also carries “DOZE,” as a sleep aid; “CHILL,” to help lessen anxiety; and “CLEAN,” as a detox tea.


#3: Delush
While it may be easy to fall in love with the companies wide-range of beauty products, which boasts heavenly scented bath bombs, creams and body scrubs, the Delush “Liger Balm” is the sure cure to your aches and pains. Whether you are in recovery-mode post-workout, our battling chronic pain, this is your new BFF. This magic stick contains 300mg of CBD, a potent blend of active natural herbs, and velvety smooth butters. While there are a few “magic sticks” on the market, the Liger Balm takes the cake. Combining the effects of the well-known Tiger Balm, with cannabis, the stick is ideal for immediate pain-relief– perhaps after a bath with their Blue Raspberry scented bath bomb.


#4: ICaria

With so many CBD tincture brands to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unsure. Icaria, is the holistic supplement brand that helps busy professionals reduce stress and anxiety so they are free to enjoy their life. “I am a nutritionist, so you can imagine I’m very particular about what goes into my body,” says owner Nadya Pecherskaya. ICaria CBD tinctures includes hemp seed oil, organic MCT coconut oil, cannabidiol extract; offering an aftertaste-free experience, in a convenient easy-to-use eyedropper.


#5: Fashionably High

While their products may not contain cannabis, Fashionably High aims to elevate the cannabis experience and help end the stigma around cannabis culture. With the pursuit of creating a product that could be marketed to mature women, not fitting in with the “babes and bongs” culture, the tea cup was born. Featuring a wide-range of designs, the cups are helping empower women to not be ashamed of consuming cannabis, in the boys club that is the cannabis industry. In complementary fashion, the company has expanded into other lifestyle products such as stash boxes, tote bags, pillows and leggings.

By Jamila Pomeroy