Thomas Thomas Paint The Town Yellow With Fashion Forward Debut

Monday 15th, April 2019 / 10:00
by Tory Rosso

Photo: Vian Esterhuizen

Some things sound so nice you just have to name them twice.

“We’re not just a band, we’re a brand,” says Thomas Thomas frontman, Thomas Englund, with a chuckle.

Cultivating clean-cut indie pop dynamics with sounds of the late 50s and early 60s, Thomas Thomas designs music with fashion in mind. You can see then why the frontman of the Calgary quartet might feel like they’re tapping into a branded resurgence rather than a sound.

The band has been compared to the Archies with a modern indie twist, which is why their new record is sure to please listeners young and old.

“Sometimes it feels like a social experiment,” says Shannon Thomas, Englund’s partner and other half of the band’s namesake who contributes keyboards and vocals to the project.

Thomas Thomas are releasing their debut self-titled EP this month, which they recorded with Kenny Murdoch (Crystal Eyes, Outlaws Of Ravenhurst) in various makeshift studios.

The band is just as passionate about their presentation and ethos as they are about the compositions they fashion. Sitting in their living room, a space that doubles as a vocal practice chamber, one can observe a piano, acoustic and electric guitars and a floral patterned couch adorned with mustard pillows.

“It’s an aesthetic. Everything is thought out and intentional,” Thomas says.

Carefully crafting their hook-n-harmony artwork since the band’s inception last year, Thomas Thomas pay close attention to song structure, arrangement and the refinement of melody.

“Writing a song is like building Lego to me,” says Englund. “We’re trying to write condensed pop tunes, trimming the fat.”

When it comes to introducing audiences to their live product the group applies the same high standards they maintain in the studio.

“We like to make the performance special. We want to create an experience for the audience.”

Thomas Thomas celebrate the release of their EP with Windigo and The Conversation Killers on April 26 at The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club (Calgary).