Single Premiere: The Baseborn Band – “Pray It Away”

Tuesday 16th, April 2019 / 13:47
by Christine Leonard

Tanked-up on an unfaltering lust for belting out high-wattage blues, the moonlight howlers who call themselves The Baseborn Band have been treading that fine line between boot-stomping Saturday night dance parties and Sunday morning comedowns since 2017.

Habitually feasting on the hair of the dog that bit them, boisterous lead singer/guitarist Lowell Van Carroll (Wolf Teeth, Insufficient Funds), metrognome/bassist Kuba Van der Pol (D.O.A., The Sweaters) and infernal combustion engine/drummer Dallas Lobb (The Electric Revival, Pervcore) dig deep to generate an impassioned autobiography of hard-rockin’ tunes.

“Some you’d listen to while your drunk and passed out in a ditch and others are ones that will get you movin’ and jumping around,” explains Van Carroll.

The Baseborn Band’s self-titled debut packs a whiskey and diesel wallop. It’s an impressive measure of the trio’s heavy-blues horsepower and burning appetite for staging roof-raising live performances. The album’s standout single, “Pray It Away,” expertly captures the essence of good intentions gone bad. Something the rough-and-tumble outfit not only identifies with, but also readily confesses to in song whenever the opportunity presents itself! Channeling spiritual influencers ranging from Tom Waits to Motörhead, The Baseborn Band will school you on how to shake hands with your personal demons and tap into the potential of your inner Lemmy.

The Baseborn Band performs live on The Baseborn Band performs with Mammoth Grove, Denimachine, Bloated Pig and others at 420Fest on April 18 at County Line Saloon (Calgary)