Concert Review: Taking Back Sunday Live at the Commodore Ballroom

Monday 22nd, April 2019 / 13:23

Photo by Lindsey Blane

Commodore Ballroom
April 21st, 2019

Photo by Lindsey Blane

Twenty, a celebration of Taking Back Sunday’s influence over the past two decades. It was acknowledged early on this tour was focused on nostalgia, and the 14 year old in me was okay with this.

Starting off strong with their biggest hits from 2002’s Tell All Your Friends and microphone flips – when I say microphone flips, I mean microphone flips. Everything from the twirly spin grab, centrifugal flip toss and speedy noose hook, you name it, it’s probably a microphone trick Adam Lazzara has already mastered.

Throughout the set, Lazzara and John Nolan gave concert goers a closer look into what 18 year old emo kids were up to 20 years ago. Did you ever wonder how Timberwolves in New Jersey became a song name? (Spoiler, it came from the late night TV Guide).

Photo by Lindsey Blane

Half way through the set, Lazzara pulls out a coin, one side says Where You Want To Be, and the other Louder Now – their 2004 and 2006 albums, respectively. Flips the coin and the show skipped over their second album, going right into their best selling record. After most people used up their energy losing it to their favorite songs, Lazzara and Nolan pulled out some acoustics and a harmonica.

As the show neared ending, they had yet to play their biggest hit. Unsurprisingly, the show ended on a high point with that song, Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team) and some confetti cannons. They had already overplayed their set and the moment the song ended the lights turned bright and house music pumped through the speakers.

No goodbye, no thank you, just some plastic stuck in my hair.