Impatient Power-Pop Trio Corner Boys Await the End of the World

Saturday 25th, May 2019 / 11:54
By Jonny Bones

Photo: Brett Threats

In the early 70s, MIT scientists created a modelling program called World One that analyzed data in an effort to predict the end of the world. The program predicted 2020 would be a critical tipping point in quality of life globally. Left unchecked, all life would presumably end by 2040.

What these scientists didn’t envision however, was Vancouver power-pop trio Corner Boys crafting a title track for their upcoming album on this modelling program.

Like a triple espresso shot of Modernettes, Young Canadians and Pointed Sticks all distilled into one, Corner Boys have crafted an audio offering that is pure energy; fueled by a love of classic horror and sci-fi films, Phillip K. Dick novels and Dario Argento movies.
 When asked about the fatalistic themes found on the impatient power-pop trio’s debut LP, Waiting for 2020, lead singer and drummer Patrick Bertrand attempts to unpack it all.

“Frustration and apathy are featured quite heavily,” Bertrand says. “Paranoia as well. I write about how I feel, and it’s usually one of those three. When it’s not, it’s probably about the end of the world or a distrust in technology.”
Waiting For 2020 offers a plethora of frantic anthems, ranging from songs about nostalgic paranoia, contempt, artificial intelligence and letting what you love die, all filtered through two-minute bursts of impatience and over-caffeination.

Working once again with Jeffrey McCloy (Tranzmitors), who also recorded the band’s previous efforts, they feel they’ve truly dialled in their sound this time around. With each release you can hear the progress of the audio fidelity, as both the band and McCloy himself refine their craft. 
“We’ve always recorded with Jeffrey,” Bertrand says. “Our demo was the first project he took on when he started recording as a hobby. That demo was a learning experience for all of us. I think each one sounds better than the last.”

The band plans to spread their sounds across Europe in 2020, if humanity makes it that long. But, as Bertrand matter of factly puts it, “We don’t need to wait until 2040 to see if World One is accurate or not.”

Corner Boys perform at SBC on June 1. Waiting For 2020 is available on all streaming platforms via Drunken Sailor Records.