YVR Public Discos Take The Party To The Streets

Monday 03rd, June 2019 / 19:53
By Jennie Orton

YVR Public Discos
June 1 and July 6
Alley Oop

For all the dancing queens hiding in the wings, the Public Disco Laneway series is here to set you free. Laneway Discos take place in public spaces, showcasing danceable tunes by emerging artists with curated dance performances. Laneway Cabaret events occur in venues around town and will feature live music acts from multiple genres, bookended with DJ sets. The series aims to bring together groups that often retreat to their own hoods and haunts.

Event founder Nick Collinet says “activating public space has proven to be a powerful tool not just for fighting the city’s ‘no fun’ reputation, but for rethinking the very definition of public space and what’s possible within it.”