Album Review: Baroness – Gold & Grey

Tuesday 04th, June 2019 / 13:02
By Christine Leonard

BaronessGold & Grey
[Abraxan Hymns]

From the opening rays of “Front Towards Enemy,” it’s obvious Baroness has risen from their own ashes and come to flourish in the aftermath of a tour bus crash that left the Savannah, Georgia-based heavy metal entity twisted and broken.

Leading the charge, guitar god John Baizley returns to the limelight with a fury. The subject of much interest and speculation, Gold & Grey presents a band that has been reinvigorated by the synergistic presence of incoming guitarist Gina Gleason.

Boasting 17 indefatigable tracks, the dual-toned album shifts smoothly between singles like the sinuous “Seasons” and the hyper-observant “Borderlines.” A naturally intense Baizley perpetuates his examination of the human condition with a long-absent sense of wonder and even enjoyment on “Broken Halo” and “Throw Me an Anchor.”

A gallery of layered vocals and intricate rhythmic patterns elevate “I Would Do Anything” and “Pale Sun” to a level of excellence commensurate with visual artist Baizley’s jaw-dropping album cover murals.