Monthly Playlist: June 2019

Wednesday 05th, June 2019 / 10:46
10 songs in heavy rotation at the BeatRoute office right now!

Skye Wallace – There Is A Wall

With a classically-trained vocal delivery that ranges from folksy to full-fledged rock and roll frontwoman, Wallace is out for blood on this assertive single that calls out the barriers to female success.

Crack Cloud – The Next Fix

Vancouver multimedia punk outfit Crack Cloud switch up their style with a half-rapped track that serves as a dedication to victims of the opioid crisis. The music video is as much of a journey as the song itself.

Denzel Curry – SPEEDBOAT

The aggressive and technically skilled rapper takes an unexpected turn with a somber piano instrumental … that he of course proceeds to tear to shreds anyway, shouting out his late roommate XXXTENTACION on the way. Check out the rest of Curry’s new album, ZUU, just released!

Loving – Nihilist Kite Flyer

The Victoria indie rock band returns with a calming single about getting lost in life’s simple joys. Go fly a kite and forget about your responsibilities. Like they say, who needs a meaning?

Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber – I Don’t Care

We know you’ll get sick of this one as soon as it works its way onto every “chill summer” Spotify playlist, but for now enjoy it for what it is – another inoffensive and inescapable earworm from Swedish pop mastermind Max Martin

The Black Keys – Go

With an accompanying video that pokes fun at the tensions between the duo during their musical hiatus, they return to doing what they do best. A little heavier than usual, indulge in the crunchy garage rock goodness.

DJ Khaled – Higher (Ft. Nipsey Hussle & John Legend)

The last song Nipsey Hussle ever recorded, he drops some chillingly prophetic bars as John Legend brings some gospel flavour to the hook. All proceeds from the track go to Hussle’s family.

Tyler, the Creator – EARFQUAKE (Ft. Playboi Carti & Charlie Wilson)

It almost seems wrong to listen to IGOR as anything but a complete album experience, but this synth-funk tune is the closest thing on the project to a pop hook that will never get out of your head. Igor’s falling in love. Check out the full review of the album on page XX!

Alexisonfire – Complicit

We knew that 2012 “Farewell Tour” wasn’t really the end. Their second single this year after a seven-year hiatus, the Canadian emo-hardcore giants return with similarly catchy guitar riffs but a heavier, more growled vocals dominating track.

Charli XCX – Blame It On Your Love (Ft. Lizzo)

A more radio-friendly rework of “Track 10” from Charli’s experimental pop opus Pop 2, she adds some sugary synthpop flavour and a fun verse from breakout star Lizzo. “I HOPE THIS BECOMES UR NEW PARTY ANTHEM,” she tweeted.