Softgel Capsules Deliver a Dose of Mother Nature’s Medicine

Wednesday 05th, June 2019 / 18:57
By Lauren Donnelly

Popping a softgel capsule for pain relief is not unusual for anyone who has ever had a headache. Now getting a daily dose of cannabis is as convenient as taking your vitamins.

If you want the healing properties of cannabidiol (CBD) but don’t want the smell and spectacle of smoke, the mess of oils or the unpredictability of edibles, softgel cannabis capsules can be a good option.

CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis heralded for its therapeutic properties. It’s non-addictive and, unlike THC, it doesn’t get you stoned. It can be used to treat things like anxiety, disordered sleeping, pain and disease.

Softgels are clear, pill-like capsules filled with a precise dose of cannabis oil, which makes them conveniently predictable. Edibles aren’t an exact science. When baking is infused with cannabis you never really know what you’re going to get when it comes to dosing.

Because softgels are pre-dosed, you know exactly what you’re getting, and their clear capsule shell makes them easy for the body to absorb. But, as with edibles, good things come to those who wait. Softgels can take 30 to 90 minutes to start working. Once they kick in though, the effects can be long lasting –– up to 12 hours.

Depending on your needs, there’s a couple of different options to choose from. There are THC and CBD varieties that come in sativa or indica dominant strains so you can determine what suits you best.

Shega Youngson, a senior manager with Tweed, says softgels stand out in the cannabis market because of their convenient, precise format.

“You can take them on the go, so it’s easy to consume if you’re traveling.”

Tweed softgels are extracted cannabis oil diluted in MCT oil and start at a 2.5 mg dose. Youngson said that is a good starting point for anyone who’s new or coming back to cannabis. For those who know what they’re comfortable with there’s a 10 mg option as well.

Whereas some edibles are just a sugary, high-calorie vehicle for cannabis, with softgel capsules the ingredients are straightforward.

“Of course infusing cupcakes and brownies is fun,” Youngson says. “But what makes a softgel special is that there aren’t any added ingredients.”

Tweed softgels are available at any licensed retailer across Canada, but there are lots of other options. Aurora’s CanniMed line produces vegan softgel capsules with CBD and THC options including Indica and Sativa dominant strains. Online dispensary Blue + Yellow carries softgel capsules and delivers to cities across Canada. Natural cannabis wellness companies Miss Envy and Mary’s Medicinals also offer cannabis in capsule format.

Softgels are a discreet, unfussy alternative to smoking or vaping. Maybe they’re less rock and roll, but it’s hard to argue with convenience.