Album Review: AK747s – Movies

Wednesday 03rd, July 2019 / 11:59
by Johnny Papan


Movies is a noisy, grief laden offering of surrealistic punk. Opening track “Snitches” throws the first blow with plenty of grit and crunchy distortion, an anger-filled offering that effectively smashes the state in sound and spirit.

The vexation continues throughout all five tracks as vocalist Rob Nuclear’s agonizing bellow screeches from the depths of a sorrowed soul. The tightly wound trio reverberates from the core of Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to the furthest corners of the city, searching for any remnants of an underground scene that might still understand them.

Melodic, emotive and raw, the self-described “weird punk” that AK-747s are casting is the sonic equivalent of drinking Nick Cave’s dirty bath water, and then going back for seconds.