Album Review: Tycho
 – Weather

Wednesday 03rd, July 2019 / 11:31
by Christine Leonard


[Mom + Pop Music/Ninja Tune]

San Francisco’s dancefloor electrocutioner Tycho (aka Scott Hansen) returns with Weather, the radiant echo to the talented composer and graphic designer’s Grammy-nominated album, Epoch (2016). Introducing a new phase in Tycho’s industrial evolution, Weather drifts into previously unexplored territory for the Billboard-topping songwriter and producer and his synonymous music project with the introduction of vocals to his digital creations.

A marked departure from Hansen’s customary computerized soundscapes, the water-testing single “Pink & Blue” dips its delicate toes into the gender fluid, bringing iridescent swirls of colour and light to the surface.

Chanteuse Hannah Cottrell’s (aka Saint Sinner) silky smooth crooning takes the chill off of synthetic spaces, infusing Weather’s cybernetic cinema with a warm breath of humanity and soul.

Expanding on the blueprint of Cottrell’s lyrical dreams, Tycho’s latest dispatch weaves its way through organic love notes like the conversational “Skate” and sleek futuristic moments such as “Japan” without differentiating between those two modes of transmission.

It’s a remarkable synthesis of flesh and fuses. An emotionally transformative formula Tycho is only just beginning to decode.