Album Review: The Jins – Death Wish

Wednesday 03rd, July 2019 / 11:51
by Joshua Sheppard

The JinsDeath Wish
[604 Records]

The Jins are a neo-grunge indie rock band that unmistakably look and sound like Nirvana.

They’ve been a ubiquitous force as one of the preeminent up and coming bands in Vancouver’s indie music scene. On their new EP, Death Wish, the party seems to have caught up with them. The lead singer’s Cobainian belching breathes frustration and cynicism.

There’s a lot to love radiating from the bittersweet heartbreak of “She Said” and the heavy face-melting absolutism of “Death Wish.” The Jins continue their sonic progression as their song structures mature, leading the band onto a unique plateau that is all their own.