Concert Review: Jamila Woods Live at the Biltmore Cabaret

Wednesday 03rd, July 2019 / 13:51
By April Summers

Photo by Tenzing Lama

The Biltmore Cabaret
Thursday, June 27 2019

Wrapping up her Legacy! Legacy! Tour with a sold out show at the Biltmore Cabaret, Jamila Woods’ ethereal energy rippled across a sea of spellbound Vancouverites as they recited her lyrics back at her with raw passion.

Photo by Tenzing Lama

Armed with a live band, Jamila and her talented posse of musicians ran through the new album in its entirety with ease.
Through her music Woods’ seems to have concocted a colour-by-numbers formula for wooing a crowd. A product of the Chi-town spoken word scene responsible for the likes of Saba and NoName, Woods is one of Illinois’ finest. From songs about Frida Kahlo to “exes that got you fucked up,” Woods’ lyrical prowess hones in on a spectrum of personal, emotional and societal concerns that resonated with the contemplative crowd.

On “Betty,” the opening track on Legacy! Legacy!, Woods sings; “I am not your typical girl, throw away that picture in your head.” Following an evening spent in her magnetic presence, this statement can be confirmed; her artistry is no ordinary feat.