Concert Review: TTNG at the Biltmore Cabaret

Wednesday 03rd, July 2019 / 13:26
by Joey Lopez

Photo by Jerez Challenger

June 12, 2019
The Biltmore Cabaret

Photo by Jerez Challenger

British math rockers TTNG returned to Vancouver for the first time in nearly a decade to perform their masterful 2008 debut, Animals. Joined by original vocalist Stuart Smith, they were casual and relaxed.

The fun they were having on stage was contagious. Smith’s erratic, slinking, snake-like dance moves carried him across the stage and to the mic where he blasted his legendary falsetto vocals with the same emotion and heartache they carried 11 years ago.

Watching TTNG is like witnessing a group of heartbroken jazz virtuosos playing emo break up songs. However, their music doesn’t reflect their personalities; the band’s stage presence was absolutely joyous. Filling the silence between songs with improvised funk jams and jokes from exuberant bassist Henry Tremain, the band proved they aren’t the same sad 20-year-olds they were when recording Animals.

Photo by Jerez Challenger

TTNG transformed an otherwise quiet Wednesday night into a nostalgic trip to the angsty days of yesteryear. Their performance felt like a catharsis, an explosion of emotion-backed, lightning-fast riffs that came as a gift to former emo kids, techy music nerds and new fans alike.