Film Review: Rolling Thunder Revue

Wednesday 03rd, July 2019 / 12:28
by Brendan Lee

Rolling Thunder Revue Directed by Martin Scorsese
It’s never been a secret that director Martin Scorsese has a specific soft-spot for music. Rolling Thunder Revue is his latest escape from big-screen Hollywood features; a documentary that immortalizes Bob Dylan’s famed cross-American tour from 1975 to 76.

Named after the tour of the same name, the film is a sprawling take on the grass-roots concerts that Dylan and a rotating cast of friends — including Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez, Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and tour daddy Allen Ginsberg — paraded into small venues at a time when Americans were spending more time experimenting and collectively questioning their surroundings.
Scorsese splices never-before-seen archival footage with a few strangely intriguing fabricated vignettes, all-the-while creating something much more than your traditional concert-documentary, and a vibrant experience worthy of the original Revue itself.