A Symphony of Soundsuits – The Other Nick Cave Is In The House

Thursday 11th, July 2019 / 10:18
By Jenessa Blanchet

Not unlike the stylish musician who shares his name, internationally acclaimed contemporary artist Nick Cave is a rock star in his own right and his first solo exhibition in Canada has landed at the Glenbow Museum this summer.

And, like The Other Cave, both performers have “suits” defining their look. The Chicago-based craftsman is a dazzling progressive sculptor, dancer and performance artist, drawing viewers into a “more is more” universe, a creative melting pot that reflects Cave’s humble, small town upbringing and his advanced fine arts education.

Best known for his iconic Soundsuits, which first appeared in 1992 in response to the beating of Rodney King, Cave has created more than 500 sculptural costumes that envelop the body generating a transformative second skin.

These sensational suits, that Cave builds employing his fluency with fabrics and found materials including: hair, sticks, sequins and buttons, are intended to create a symphony of sound in movement but are also displayed statically, like altars, each a testament to the broader social messages that continue to inspire Cave’s work. What is often described as a “maximalist” experience, Cave’s world is like stepping inside a kaleidoscope of artistic excess that is ingenious and flamboyant.

Glenbow curator, Sarah Todd, says, “This exhibition will be a comprehensive survey of Cave’s work. The exhibit will feature a static runway of Cave’s Soundsuits as well as a film element.”

Cave has long been on the Glenbow’s radar since colleagues of Todd’s saw his Feat. Exhibition at the Frist Art Museum in Nashville.

The exquisitely curated exhibition runs now until Sept. 22, during which time the Glenbow will host several special events including a cocktail party, artist talk and tour, July 18 at 7 pm.

For more tickets and more information visit www.glenbow.org