21st Century Diva Mariah Carey Reclaims Her Crown At Festival d’été de Québec

Friday 12th, July 2019 / 11:14
By Glenn Alderson

Photo: Renaud Philippe

The Plains Of Abraham (Festival d’été de Québec)
July 11, 2019

The once crowned queen of R&B, Mariah Carey is one of the original 21st Century divas and every once in a while a queen needs to reclaim her crown.

Not many other artists have stood as tall in the world of pop and R&B as Carey and when she took the stage at the historic Plains of Abraham in Quebec City on Thursday night, the iconic pop diva not only proved she’s still standing, but that it was going to take more than a little rain to stop her from delivering a memorable performance chock-full of hits.

Festival d’été de Québec (FEQ) is infamous for delivering big-name music acts over the course of its 11 days (this year included Imagine Dragons, Diplo, Gucci Mane and Blink-182) and Carey brought a nice touch of femininity to an otherwise masculine roster of headliners. 

Her public persona has been understandably shaky since her infamous New Year’s Eve debacle in NYC back in 2016 but Carey rose to the occasion for her only Canadian appearance this summer to prove she has risen above and beyond the meme-worthy backing track train wreck or any Christmas-themed comeback tours.

Carey came out wearing a sequinned dress that sparkled like a disco ball as she slowly shimmied across the stage that was quickly turning into a miniature wading pool as the rainfall started to pick up. 

She kicked off her set with “A No No” from her excellent 2018 album, Caution, but didn’t waste much time before breaking into the hits that everyone came to hear like “Dreamlover,” “Touch My Body” and of course, “Heartbreaker.” 

“I should probably take these shoes off but I can’t even do it myself so I’m just going to stand here so I don’t slip and fall,” Carey said as she asked for a mic stand that planted her beside her piano player to let her gold-plated voice soar on “We Belong Together.” 

Hitting vocal octaves that rivalled infamous soul legend Minnie Ripperton, all of the divas who came before Carey were clearly still shining down on her from the heavens while she stood tall in the face of a downpour, proving a little water wasn’t going to wash away her crown.

Photo: Renaud Philippe

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