VIDEO PREMIERE: sunglaciers – “A Different Place”

Friday 12th, July 2019 / 14:20
By Sebastian Buzzalino

Modern, surf-styled post-punks, sunglaciers, have a way with style. The Calgary band’s dancy, forward-facing jams straddle the line between vintage summer vibes and a not-too-distant future of art-school camaraderie. 

Their debut album, Foreign Bodies, is due out in September and sunglaciers are unveiling single video collaborations with artists across Canada leading up to its release. Their first, “A Different Place,” features the cut-up stylings of Heather Rappard, who has also done work with post punk acts Tough Age and Ought. 

Angular guitar lines jump across quick-cut 35mm film scans as Rappard makes a collage out of furtive glances, swollen eyes and evening skies to match the song’s frenetic, over-caffeinated pace.

“Our primary aim for this and future videos is to collaborate with certain specific artists and basically let them run with it,” says frontman Evan Resnick. “We gave [Rappard] the reins and the result is a really cool, dizzyingly fast-paced trip.”

The video is mostly made up from hundreds of scanned and cropped 35mm photos. 

“I felt the look of the warm, blown-up film grain suited the hazy distortion of the song,” says Rappard. “The disjointed style of this type of animation matched the song’s post-punk percussion.”

The result hits straight to the heart of sunglaciers’ vibe, an endless summer night of ripping around on bikes and swimming in rivers that fuels the forever young.