Gucci Mane Makes Triumphant Canadian Debut At Festival d’été de Québec

Sunday 14th, July 2019 / 16:50
By Glenn Alderson

Photo: Renaud Philippe

The Plains Of Abraham (Festival d’été de Québec)
July 12, 2019

When it was first announced earlier in the day that Lil Pump would no longer be performing in Quebec City for Festival d’été as direct support for Gucci Mane due to “transportation issues,” there was immediate speculation circulating that the Trap God himself would be cancelling yet another Canadian performance.

Earlier this year the Atlanta born rapper cancelled a block of Canadian dates, which led fans to believe that what he rapped on his 2016 Drake collab, “Both,” would perhaps remain to be true — ”I’ve got so many felonies, I might can’t never go to Canada.” 

Turns out Drake pulled some strings after all and Gucci finally found some time in his calendar. Taking the stage while the sun was setting on the historic Plains of Abraham, he made sure his performance was worth the wait. The skies were clear, the summer air was warm and you could feel an undeniable energy pulsing through the crowd. Everything was in check for the perfect set, although someone forgot to tell Gucci where exactly in Canada he was performing. 

“Montreal where ya at?” Gucci shouted out into the sea of screaming fans who didn’t seem phased at all. It didn’t really matter because during his brief bass-heavy 45 minutes on stage, everyone was transported to Gucci’s bizarre world where grills are a rite of passage and trap music is life.

Gucci Mane is as OG as it gets in underground street rap with a prolific back catalogue and he made sure to remind everyone by dropping tracks dating as far back as 2006 with the Rick James-inspired “Freaky Girl,” all while weaving in and out of material from his solid 2019 album, Delusions Of Grandeur.

Performing most of the set shirtless with 20 pounds of bling around his neck, the huge smile on his face while he looked out at the raging mosh pit of rabid fans was infectious.

Gucci Mane is an icon and a legend and it might have taken more than a decade but he finally made it to Canada. Now that he’s proven he can cut his way through the red tape at the border, Canadians are sure to be welcoming him back again soon — as long as he can stay out of trouble in the meantime. Gucci!

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