Album Review: Zane Coppard – Of Love

Tuesday 16th, July 2019 / 11:09
by Sean Orr

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Zane Coppard – Of Love

Sounding like it was recorded on a broken Tascam four-track recorder in a truck stop somewhere in Nebraska, Zane Coppard’s solo debut, Of Love, is a sprawling and breathless collection of experimental sounds and crooning.

Coppard verges on Jeff Buckley levels of emotion at times, other times dark and brooding or lucid and shimmering like a glacial tarn. To Coppard, “love in element form is water” and you certainly get that sense. The record washes over like a slow, romantic drizzle. Although mastered and mixed by Smash Boom Pow bandmate and brother Ulysses Coppard, Of Love showcases his own artistic voice with fluidity and aplomb.