Album Review: Oh Sees – Face Stabber

Thursday 01st, August 2019 / 09:56
by Trevor Morelli

Oh SeesFace Stabber
[Castle Face Records]

With their never-ending onslaught of bizzaro psych rock releases, Oh Sees are predictably unpredictable in the best way possible. Band leader John Dwyer’s latest freak out is his third LP in as many years and he doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

With any luck this furious pace isn’t being lost on his audience because Face Stabber is a memorable trip down the rabbit hole. From the rubber duck squeaks on the seven-minute epic “The Daily Heavy,” to full blown metal breakdowns on the title track, Dwyer insists on melting faces and taking names as he descends into the darkness of his warped mind.

“Snickersnee” layers on the funky rhythms, while “Captain Loosely” provides a sharp left turn with ambient noises derived directly from a fever dream. “Henchlock” ends the album with a 21-minute burst of jazz-fusion energy.
The wah wah pedal is never far away for Dwyer and his guitar squeals are certainly a welcome noise in an age where neutered radio pop continues to be the norm.

Face Stabber is perfect for indie rock fans who like everything a little bit louder.

Best Track: The Daily Heavy