Album Review: Sheer Mag – A Distant Call

Thursday 01st, August 2019 / 10:01
By Safiya Hopfe

Sheer Mag – A Distant Call
[Wilsuns RC]

In 2017, the nostalgic edge of Sheer Mag’s debut LP established the four Pennsylvanian rockers as a creative force in music. Their 70s-inspired sound struck a playful balance between garage rock grit and the soulful vibrance of power pop. Now Sheer Mag emerge with A Distant Call, an album that injects a healthy dose of modern life into classic rock.

Tina Halladay’s primal scream kicks off opener “Steel Sharpens Steel,” setting the tone as a shameless throwback to rock and roll, pure and true. Her bold belt carries explosive guitar chords and anthemic lyrics, energizing everything it touches. As she takes flight in the undeniable catchiness of “Blood From A Stone,” mellow rocks the overtly American track “Silver Line,” bops “Unfound Manifest,” and channels her inner metal-head in “Chopping Block,” she proves familiarity and versatility aren’t mutually exclusive.
Halladay’s howl is a constant, but just as we start to get comfortable, incendiary riffs bring us back to the edge of our seats, enhancing and expanding breakneck songs like “The Killer.”

Sheer Mag’s fighter-rock sound has juggled the punky, funky, heavy and light. There’s no denying A Distant Call is Sheer Mag’s first outright headbanger of an album and our necks are already aching.
Best Track: The Killer