Album Review: Sleater-Kinney – The Center Won’t Hold

Thursday 01st, August 2019 / 10:04
by Trevor Morelli

Sleater-Kinney The Center Won’t Hold
[Mom + Pop Music]

Sleater-Kinney can be a frustrating band to follow. After an initial blast of indie rock success with early 2000’s-era albums, the band unexpectedly went on hiatus in 2006 with no reason or end-date given for the break-up. In 2015 they returned to the indie-sphere with the release of the excellent No Cities To Love and now they’re back again, this time with a crisp new perspective on their sound.

This St. Vincent-produced effort doesn’t disappoint. Think of it as Sleater-Kinney through a new-wave lens: deep synths oozing with swirling guitars and sexy lyrics.

The steamy, danceable cuts “Hurry On Home” and “Reach Out” grab the listener from the start, seamlessly blending sensuality with more traditional Sleater-Kinney fare like the mid-tempo guitar jam, “Restless.”

Piano ballad “Broken” ends the album and will be sure to give you the feels.
Leading up to its release, the band was thrown off its axis with the announcement of drummer Janet Weiss’ departure. If there was any drama during the recording of this album, you’d never know it.

Eclectic, interesting and just sensual enough to spark your imagination, The Center Won’t Hold is another fine addition to the excellent, albeit unpredictable, Sleater-Kinney story.

Best track: Reach Out