Northlane: Breaking the Cycle with Musical Catharsis

Monday 12th, August 2019 / 08:00
By Brendan Lee

Photo by Giulia McGauran

When Northlane’s original vocalist called it quits in 2014, they turned to the internet to find fresh-faced Marcus Bridge as the replacement through an online contest.

With a new voice fuelling their momentum, the Austrailian metalcore powerhouse has continued to evolve and they’re about to unveil a new album more unique and personal than anything they’ve done before.

“It felt like it was time to open up,” says Bridge, when asked about the band’s new album, Alien, out August 2.

Seemingly more at ease with the past than ever before, much of the album’s themes are a direct manifestation of his own hellish upbringing at the hands of two drug-addicted parents.

“I’ve always wanted to tell these stories but I had never had the confidence,” he says.

Formed in 2009 in Sydney, Australia, Northlane quickly made waves in the hardcore scene with a thunderous sound characterized by low guitar tuning and even lower screams.

Fast-forward to present day after two successful albums on Canadian hardcore imprint Distort Entertainment (Alexisonfire, Cancer Bats), Bridge’s more melodic and diverse vocal range has become the foundation for the band’s reimagined sound. And despite the darkness that envelops the new album, an ultimately positive message burns at the core.

“Through sharing these awful stories, I want to show that, despite all odds, you can break the cycle and write a new chapter,” he says. “You don’t have to follow that same path.”

With each new release, Northlane has continued an upward trajectory. When asked what comes next, Bridge seems confident.

“As long as we’re making music we’re passionate about and people enjoy that, we’ll keep kicking on.”

Northlane perform at the Biltmore Cabaret on Saturday, August 17