Concert Review: Hank Von Hell Live at the Rickshaw Theatre

Friday 23rd, August 2019 / 19:03
By Lukas Holt

Photo: Lukas Holt

Tuesday, August 20
Rickshaw Theatre

Norwegian punk rockers Hank Von Hell are taking North America by storm with their debut album Egomania. Lead singer, Hans Erik Dyvik Husb, had a turbulent lifestyle with his original band Turbonegro and continues taking his “fuck-you” attitude to a whole new level.

The crowd at the Rickshaw Theatre in Vancouver consisted of several people wearing embroidered Turbojugend denim jackets representing the hardcore fan club of Turbonegro. These fans were from different chapters throughout Western Canada who had turned up for tonight’s event, some even wearing the same corpse paint makeup as Hank himself.

The band came on stage with their 80s rock style outfits as the opening track “Egomania” blasted through the speakers while Cat Casino on the lead guitar let out the first epic riff. Hank ran to the centre of the stage with his leather jacket tassels waving in the air, raising his middle fingers as the fans roared in his presence. Each band member had a unique look and hair-metal stage moves, doing back-to-back guitar solo moves and raising their “axes” to the cheering crowd.

Halfway through the set the energy turned up to 11 when the high-speed cover of “Selfdestructo Bust” was unleashed, leading to the ‘Turbojugends’ opening up the mosh pit and fist pumping the air. The drummer delivered metal-infused beats with extreme precision and had the rest of the band fired up. Despite the ferocious energy, in between songs several people were shouting, “We love you Hank!” To which he responded with a beaming smile and said “I love you too.” The harsh exterior of Hank was quickly melted away and the room felt like one big family.

As the set came to a close, the fans refused to let the night end as they chanted for Hank. Sure enough their hero returned with two more Turbonegro classics: “Get it On” and “All My Friends Are Dead.”

Like the rise of a Phoenix, Hank Von Hell has risen from the ashes of Turbonegro, re-born and ready to rock the world.