Grandson Brings Modern Tragedy Trilogy To Life With Heavy Handed High Energy Performance 

Saturday 07th, September 2019 / 10:00
By Sara Kuefler

Photo: Sara Kuefler

Sept. 5, 2019
The Gateway (SAIT)

The crowd at The Gateway in Calgary was treated to a kinetic and impassioned performance by Grandson, carrying with him a high energy with his bluesy hard rock and trap-influenced beats. 

Primed to release the third instalment in an EP trilogy titled A Modern Tragedy, Vol 1-3, Grandson is inspired by a desire to impact the current state of affairs, addressing our modern lifestyle in both grand and small scales while backed by the sheer force of his elocution and the band’s driving rhythms. 

As angry as the music itself may at times feel, the underlying message of love and understanding is a thread that runs through Grandson’s work. Between songs, he took the time to address the audience and request that its members feel the energy surrounding them – to look at people who might live a different experience than theirs and be accepting of that. It was a powerful message and one that echoed the power of what transpired through the show.

Ontario artist Bad Child, who recently released a nine-track emotional and dynamic EP, Sign Up, kicked off the show with songs that were given enough space to resonate, alongside deeply personal lyrics that were both affectionate and cutting. Bad Child’s sound and sentiments carry a beautiful balance.