Slowthai Turns Fortune Sound Club Into Sweat-Drenched British Dive Bar During Canadian Debut

Monday 09th, September 2019 / 14:47
By Ryan Cologne

Photo: Zee Khan

Fortune Sound Club
September 7, 2019

British rapper Slowthai made his Canadian debut on Saturday to a sold out Fortune Sound Club in Vancouver. Following a week-long rampage of US concert dates, Slowthai brought all the comforts of a British dive bar to a sea of bloodthirsty Canadian fans. He also brought a raging crew of sweat drenched, beer covered tourmates, all resulting in an amazing wall to wall slaughterhouse of pure energy with mosh pits rivalling those of his punk contemporaries.

The madman of UK Grime began promptly with the title track of his debut album, “Nothing Great About Britain,” and before he reaching the end of his second song, fans had whirled into a mosh pit which resembled a Piranha feeding frenzy.

As the night wore on and the relentless mosh pit continued to become sweatier and sweatier, Slowthai kept his energy high, helped by the arrival of his best friend, the colourfully named “Woioii the Crack Rabbit.” The demonic rabbit mask wearing hype man brought his crazed look to the hungry crowd by jumping into the them, hanging off the rafters, and doing the type of hellish hype building you’d imagine a sadistic rabbit would be good at.

Highlights of the night included the two performances of “Drug Dealer,” a menacing ode to the crack dealers of Slowthai’s childhood surroundings, climaxing with Thai demanding “Water!” of the venue as he and Woioii began running bottles from side stage to the open mouths of the exhausted crowd.

In addition to his band of misfits, Slowthai also saw fit to invite a member of the audience to perform the song “Inglorious,” which features a lyrically dexterous verse from UK topman Skepta. Despite his contagious enthusiasm the fan began to miss his lines about halfway through, but Slowthai was quick with an arm around his shoulder and the two finished off the song together, eventually dissolving into a fury of shouting and bouncing up and down, not that the crowd minded much as they cheered the fan on and carried him crowd surfing to finish off the song.

All totalled, Slowthai brought his wicked smile to Vancouver for an amazing night of rabid energy and enthusiasm, and definitely left his share of battered and bruised bodies lying in his wake.

Photo: Zee Khan