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Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

Tyler, The Creator Moves Mountains And Shakes The Earf On Igor Tour 

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Bebe Buckskin Keeps the Daydream Alive On Asiskiy

Tuesday 08th, October 2019 / 13:51
By Jodi Brak

Bebe Buckskin | Photo: Al Moon

From her earliest memories of childhood in the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, amongst the dense, sprawling forests of Northern Alberta, music has always run through Bebe Buckskin’s veins. 

Danielle Ghostkeeper found her love for music years before adopting her stage name, being raised by music lovers, including her mother, a touring musician who introduced her to the guitar. 

“That is exactly how I got my start: from my family, and just always being so fascinated by what my mom was doing. She started teaching me how to play guitar and I learned how to harmonize by listening to her harmonize,” Ghostkeeper says. “I won my first talent show for singing when I was three… and I remember that moment, I remember thinking to myself at the age of three: this is amazing this is what I want to do for the rest of my life.” 

Now an adult with years of experience in music under her belt, Ghostkeeper has been bringing her own variety of roots-and-blues-infused rock and roll onto the scene. With one EP under her belt, a five-song release titled Flight that showcases a raw, earthy brand of rock anchored in the somber overtones of the blues, a follow-up release titled Asiskiy is just on the horizon. 

“The title of the album means ‘Earth’ in Cree,” She says.  “I chose the name for a lot of reasons. It’s a more authentic representation of who I am as an artist, and I feel like it is definitely anchored in a gritty feel in terms of the lyrics and the sound. There is a lot of talk of my Indigenous roots, and also a lot of talk about my own personal journey. It’s just real, unfiltered, raw and gritty.” 

Among the five songs on Asiskiy is the single Stockin’ Wood, released Sept. 26, a heartfelt tribute to the Woodstock Festival, five decades after the fact. 

“I would always daydream about being at Woodstock. That was kind of my daydream, away from the reality I was living at the time,” Ghostkeeper says. “It is kind of an ode to the festival, but also to it as being my safe place to go to in my mind, that place I feel empowered and safe and inspired.” 

Bebe Buckskin will be releasing Asiskiy Oct. 25, kicking it off with an album release show at the King Edward in Calgary. The show features renowned slide guitarist Ellen Mcllwaine, who also has a guest spot on the record.


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