Album Review: The Flaming Lips – King’s Mouth

Thursday 01st, August 2019 / 10:23
By Jennie Orton

The Flaming LipsKing’s Mouth
[Warner Music]

In a swelling return to form, the Flaming Lips bring us another universe to get lost in with King’s Mouth.

The Clash’s Mick Jones narrates the story of a sacrificial King who throws himself on the sword of fate for those he presides over, and in the process unfolds a truly cinematic Flaming Lips fable that harkens back to the golden days of Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots.

Photo by George Salisbury

There’s something comfortingly familiar about this album, be it the warm blanket feeling one gets from Wayne Coyne’s voice or the delight one feels in following this band down a concept album rabbit hole.

There are a handful of gorgeous tracks, but it’s “All For the Life of the City” that emerges as not only the standout, but a perfect example of what The Lips do so well. Emotive and jammy without wanking, every single breath is essential and nourishing, offering a big finish when Coyne cries, “the king is dead, let’s cut off his head,” a resounding call out to death and legacy.
In this era of ruthless opportunists in the highest offices, King’s Mouth brings to life a beautiful and expansive tale of mortality and sacrifice, communicating that your last word can have an impact long after your effigy has been erected.