A Slow Burn: High Time for THC Oils

High-potency THC oil has recently hit the market and it is not lost on celebrity cannabis aficionados.

Rapper Wiz Khalifa knows smoke-free Mary Jane is yet another opportunity to share his favourite hobby with the smoke-free inhabitants of the world, which is what inspired Khalifa Kush Enterprises. His latest endeavour partners with Supreme Cannabis to produce something far more psychoactive than its tame cousin, CBD oil. THC oil delivers actually strong euphoric effects through its concentrated dosing.

So why oil over flower? No one is here to tell you how to party, but oil is generally more efficient — less product is needed for the desired effect. Plus, you might save a lung.

It’s also easier to control your intake so you don’t get too high. And, THC oil is a slow burn. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to take effect, but will last longer than smoking the bud. The rule of thumb whenever you’re trying anything cannabis related is slow and low.  If you’re unsure, you take the lowest dose and see how you feel. Take some time. Maybe you want to take a little bit more in a couple hours. That’s how you find your perfect dose.

Here are five products available for you to enjoy responsibly right now:

Sunset Softgels – LBS – Indica – $16.99 / 15 capsules
THC: 2.5mg/mL – CBD: 0.7mg/mL

Snoop Dogg’s brand of entry-level oil, pre-measured in capsule form for your ease. A hint of citrus makes this the perfect first for the cannabis curious — not too strong, zero smell. It offers a slight body buzz and is balanced with a dose of CBD oil so as not to overwhelm.

Sensi Star Oil – KKE – Indica – $74.99 / 30mL
THC: 28mg/mL – CBD: 1mg/mL

Khalifa Kush Enterprises teamed up with Supreme Cannabis to make something Wiz himself would want. The first high-potency THC oil of the KKE line is also one of the first recreational oils in Canada. It retains its unique terpene profile (gasoline, pine, citrus) through a multi-phased, whole-plant CO2 extraction process.

Reign Drops 30:0 – Redecan – Hybrid – $55 / 40mL
THC: 30mg/mL – CBD: 0mg/mL

About as potent as it gets. This indica-sativa hybrid oil is extracted from greenhouse-grown cannabis in Niagara, Ontario. It is calming, appetite-inducing, and assists in pain management. If it’s not your first rodeo, Reign Drops can also assist in gardening, making art, and movie-watching.

Cannabis Oil (THC) – Broken Coast Cannabis – Indica – $54.79 / 30mL
THC: 29mg/mL – CBD: 0.3mg/mL

An indica strain hailing from the tiny town of Duncan on Vancouver Island, BC. This, like any other oil, can be dropped into your morning coffee, pancake batter, soup, or a five’o’clock brew. It may add a dash of sweet, earthy scent, and a whole lotta high. Better with music.

Rise Oil – COVE – Sativa – $48.99 / 20mL
THC: 25mg/mL – CBD: 1mg/mL

Fruity, sweet, and herbal. Rise Oil is formed through an ethanol-free CO2 extraction process and blended with MCT oil for smooth taste. The sativa strain makes this a good option for daytime dosing. It’s energizing and can help minimize anxiety. Need to focus on an art project? Workout? This will help you rise to the occasion.