Hopscotch: Vancouver’s Biggest Libations Celebration Employs ‘Sip And Learn’ Philosophy 

Hopscotch Festival is Vancouver’s biggest libations celebration and they are returning this year bigger than ever before with 400+ products of the most interesting and unique products to spice up your life.

With live music featuring Mark Woodyard (Friday) and Patrick Gavigan (Saturday) plus delicious food, a walk through the tasting room floor is one that shouldn’t be missed.

“The best way to experience Hopscotch is to hydrate and attend on a half-full stomach,” says Adam Bloch one of the organizers of the festival. “Walk in, grab some tokens, take a look at what’s around and start planning your tasting route.”

There are so many products available to taste that you will definitely need to be selective if you don’t want to get too saucey. After all, the festival is all about the finer things in life. Bloch suggests starting lighter and ending heavier. When ready, an hour or so into it, eat your dinner as to be able to responsibly enjoy more tastings as the event continues onwards.

If you’re there to get drunk, you’re probably in the wrong place but you might still want to coordinate a designated driver for the day.

“The entire concept of Hopscotch is to sip, taste and learn about the products you are enjoying. There is such an immense amount of people with incredible knowledge of the products that to not learn about them would be a waste,” Bloch says. “Sip and learn, sip and learn, sip and learn. That is the Hopscotch mantra.”

Hopscotch Festival runs Friday, Nov. 22 and Saturday, Nov. 23 //  Purchase discounted tickets online at www.hopscotchfestival.com using the passcode, “BEAT”