Anders, FrancisGotHeat, and Rich The Kid Deliver The First Song Ever Composed From Sounds Extracted From a Cannabis Plant

Whether you prefer Black Sabbath’s “Sweet Leaf” or Young Thug’s “Stoner,” there are plenty of songs to choose from if you’re looking for a song about weed. But how about a song made from weed? The pool of songs to choose from is whittled down from thousands to just one.

Producer FrancisGotHeat, R&B singer anders and chart-topping rapper Rich The Kid recently came together to create the first-ever commercially available song composed from sounds extracted from a cannabis plant. The result is their track “Sticky Situation,” and while it’s undeniable that the result is a hot beat with a catchy hook and lyrics, we still wanted to understand how the whole thing worked exactly, so we decided to go straight to the source.

“We initially had our team record bio rhythmic vibrations from our new proprietary cannabis strain [the aptly-named “Sticky Situation”] we are currently developing at the Merry Jane Labs in Los Angeles,
Kai Henry, Chief Strategy Officer of MERRY JANE explains of the innovative process. “Then we converted these vibrations into MIDI data, so we can export through music programs and actually hear the plants through different instruments.”

It was then that FrancisGotHeat involved to work his magic with the MIDI samples, and take them from recordings of vibrations into a full track. “I incorporated the plant in the beat in several ways, the biggest being the main melody,” says Francis. “I took the MIDI signal of the plant and routed it to a plug-in which gave it a bell-like sound. I also used the raw sounds of the plant as just some background percussive elements or ear candy.”

Once the production was finalized, it just needed some vocals which come courtesy of Rich The Kid and anders, whom Francis has collaborated with in the past. “Me and Francis are always working on some cool shit together,” says anders, “but when he told me he was going to put a weed plant in the booth and make a beat with it, I didn’t even understand what he saying. But I was down!”

The track was released in conjunction with the one year anniversary of legalization in Canada, and it seems fans are enjoying the vibes thus far: the song has racked up over 500,000 streams on Spotify alone.

While anders and FrancisGotHeat may have never thought they’d be making a song with (not just about) weed, the experience of making “Sticky Situation” served as a reminder about the endless possibilities technology has provided us with today when it comes to creating.

“I made this whole beat based off of plant signals,” Francis says. “It could be anything next.”