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Kevin Smith Reboots Jay and Silent Bob One More Time

We first met Jay and Silent Bob in Clerks, Kevin Smith’s 1994 indie masterpiece, selling weed outside the Quick Stop.

The funny, crude, and loveable slackers went on to become a staple of Smith’s View Askewniverse, appearing in nearly all of its films, and even starring in their own movie, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (2001).

Now, 25 years after their debut, Jay (Jason Mewes) and Bob (Smith) are older, somewhat wiser, still stoned, and back with their very own sequel.

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot has largely the same premise as its predecessor, which saw the “hetero-lifemates” set out to stop a movie adaptation of Bluntman and Chronic — the superhero comic book based on their alter egos. Only this time, they’re hitting the road to protest a Hollywood remake of the first film they tried to sabotage.

It’s a timely satire of today’s reboot culture and flirts with being both sincere and self-aware by winking at its intentional tropes. There’s a sweet multidimensional aspect to it, too, with an impressive roster of cameos including Smith’s own daughter, Harley Quinn.       

Smith and Mewes are taking Reboot on tour, presenting it in person at theatres across North America. In Vancouver, they’ll be showing it at the Rio — a historic space that Smith, a Vancouver Film School alum, played a role in saving from demolition. The location feels like an obvious choice for Smith who seems to do things because they mean something to him. Case in points: he makes the kind of movies he does because he, himself, is a superfan. He likes to work surrounded by friends and family — Jay and Silent Bob are the quintessential buddies because Mewes and Smith are in real life, too.

He’s been vocal about how his near-fatal heart attack last year spurred the earnest return of two of his most beloved characters, who, like all of us, have grown up just a little bit but are still, unequivocally, who they’ve always been: Jay and Silent Bob, two of the good guys.

December 1 and 2, 2019 / Rio Theatre / Tix: riotheatre.com