Mosh Lotto 3 Turns Up the Volume For Mixed Bag of 649 Fun

Iron Tusk

Ten of Alberta’s loudest, fastest and heaviest bands will be fighting for decibels during the third instalment of Mosh Lotto.

Bands on the bill include: Metavore, Syryn, Balrogath, Iron Tusk, Row of Giants, Diamonds on Neptune, The Luminary Plot, Chained by Mind, Father Moon, and Lost in Static.

Each band and each audience member drop a mosh ticket into the raffle barrel, but only one comes out to win the grand prize of $649. Mosh Lotto is a positive night of music and community building.

Saturday, Nov. 30 // 8 p.m. // Border Crossing Bar & Grill // Tix: $6.49